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Welcome to Old Garden Tools

Old Garden Tools showcases a large and extensive collection of vintage and antique garden tools and gardening ephemera. Hundreds of Museum items are scheduled to be pictured here.


The garden tools collection is housed in West-London. It comprises several thousand items collected over the past forty years.

Most of the items you see in our Garden Prop Hire display are 20th Century and 19th Century garden tools, some even earlier – the garden museum exhibits everything from antique garden tools such as an early Cucumber Straightener to a 1850’s Elm Wheelbarrow.

The antique garden tool collection is mainly English but also includes a large French display and tools from other parts of the world. Late 20th Century items have been included for interest. This website has been developed in order to stimulate and exchange ideas and information among collectors and researchers about old garden tool history.

From time to time we do have vintage garden tools for sale, so please do come back and explore again! We accept donations where the item is needed to fill a gap in the collection or where it is considered an upgrade.
We will also purchase items of interest to augment the collection. If you require Hi-Res Images please contact us.

We offer a comprehensive old garden tool hire facility which is particularly appealing to television, film, events and book producers who only have a short term requirement for the use of these tools. They are commonly used as props and theming in film and theatre sets, television, magazine and window display.

We are very happy to give advice and this is freely given upon enquiry. We will try to answer questions about your treasured possession whether handed down to you through your family or found at a car boot sale.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Old Garden Tools Website and look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Please contact us if you require further information.